M3 and New Technology – Why the Time is Right

May 29 2014

At the recent M3 users conference, ComActivity’s Mats Gunnarsson presented a very well received key-note speech on how M3’s ability to work with constantly new technology will ensure that it can support business in meeting the increasingly fast-changing and uncertain future.

Mats is passionate about innovation, and is a committed early-adopter and with an uncanny vision for what’s next. With nearly 2 decades of M3 experience under his belt, he is in the right place to identify what the future holds for businesses using M3.


In his presentation he explained how the nature of the world we live in means that any businesses wanting to thrive into the uncertain but rapidly changing future needed to be able to adapt, and do it quickly.

Because of the way M3 has evolved into being a highly open and connective system, it’s becoming pretty clear that it’s the right system to take business forward.

In the presentation, Mats demonstrated a real-world examples of how ComActivity has used technology to meet changing market requirements.

To view a video capture of the engaging and enlightening powerpoint just click on this link.

If you would like to have a chat to Mats about this topic, he would be more than happy to talk to you. Send him an email at mats.gunnarsson@comactivity.com.au, to arrange a time.

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