Infor Business Collaboration Technology – how well does it integrate with your business

Feb 17 2016

Effective collaboration is key to business efficiency and innovation in today’s market. Many of us have heard about potential benefits of Infor’s new technologies for business collaboration. At ComActivity we’ve been eager to see just how well these technologies can be integrated with other business applications external to standard M3.

Well, consider us impressed because in a recent full integration of Smart Office with Infor Ming.le, Infor ION and Infor Document Management, we’ve seen the technology deliver some great results. This article uses videos to demonstrate how business applications can leverage Infor technologies to simplify day-to-day tasks and communication.

The importance of a good framework for Organisational Collaboration

Too many of the communication methods we use today, such as emails and instant messaging, store information from those interactions in individual silos, rather than a repository where knowledge can be shared across the organisation.

Our previous Workplace Collaboration blog post from last year described the advantages of social networking software in developing a collaborative culture and building up that knowledge base of system-critical discussions. We talked about why software needs to be fully integrated with your ERP system – it’s mainly because employees are more likely to utilise a social network that allows them to directly collaborate around the critical data in their ERP system.

No Surprises – Infor’s Collaboration Framework works very well with M3

Many Infor M3 sites who are using the latest version are taking advantage of Infor’s new collaboration framework: Ming.le is their social networking platform for business, ION is their integration platform, and Infor Document Management is the document tool for storage, sharing and retrieval.

The scope of these new technologies is broad and there is no doubt can transform collaboration around M3. Users can send M3-data related messages, follow M3 transactions, receive alerts based on KPI’s and work on tasks connected to M3 transactions.

So how well does the new technology integrate to non-M3 applications?

We’ve recently delivered a stand-alone Claims Management system which integrates fully with Infor’s new framework – including Infor Ming.le, Infor ION and Infor Document Management, and we are impressed with the integration capabilities of these products.

The Claims application requirements included an authorisation workflow to approve claims, logging of claim notes, management of alerts based on KPIs, and document management. One of the goals for this development was to provide a consistent experience for the user where all messaging, workflows, alerts and documents are managed through the same Infor framework where M3 users would regularly work, including Smart Office as a front end.

Take a look at the videos below to see how integration with these technologies can work.


Watch Ming.le Video






Ming.le Integration

The Claims users needed to keep a log of actions taken against each claim. Rather than updates to a local database, they are updated to Ming.le where they are visible to other members of the Claims social group, with a drill back link to the Claim in the Claims Management application. Ming.le posts  can drive further group discussion and be shared with other Ming.le users for comment.

All history of posts about a claim can be easily searched and viewed in Ming.le and the Claims application.

ION Workflows





ION Workflow Integration

Before Finance can credit the customer, the claim needs to be approved. The authorisation process is hierarchical with different levels of management approving the claim until a manager is reached with a sufficient approval limit for the claim amount. This was achieved using ION Workflows to assign Ming.le tasks to the approvers before sending Finance a notification when the claim is ready to be credited.


ION Alerts






ION Alert Integration

Managers need to be alerted when claims are created that exceed a specified amount or when a claim is near reaching the number of days active as measured by organisational KPIs. Alerts are received in the Smart Office Ming.le widgets where they can be shared with other users or groups for further discussion.


Document Management







Infor Document Management (IDM) Integration

Credit documents and other claim documentation had to be uploaded to the Claims Management application. An Infor Document Management interface allowed documents to be uploaded and downloaded directly from the IDM system. This also allows the documents to be accessed from other shortcuts in M3 based on document attributes used.


The integration options in Infor’s new technology make it easier than ever for businesses to work collaboratively. Project Manager Andrew Rosicka says, “The Infor Ming.le, ION and Infor Document Management interfaces have allowed us to leverage those technologies for new application development and provide a seamless experience for the end user.” If you want more information about how your business can make better use of these Infor products, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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