IDM Document Links from Smart Office

Nov 16 2015

This article is a quick refresher on how to create and use Smart Office document links for Infor Document Management (IDM).

Creating IDM Links

Open the M3 function, go to Tools menu and select Link Manager.


Enter Title and Description. If check box is ticked for “Shared”, it will be available for all users.

Select Target “Infor Document Management”.

Link details
Link details


Select the IDM Document Type and define the Link relations based on key Attributes. You will have to link the attributes one by one. Options are to type in a value or select available fields from M3 Transactions.

Define attributes
Define attributes


Save the link with the second Add button at the Link Manager window.

Adding Documents to IDM Links

There are two options for adding a document to IDM through M3. First, the user can open the M3 function, select a B panel row and take option ‘Add Document To Link’ and select the relevant document link.

If there is only one available link, the simple option is to just drag a document to the correct B panel row and the IDM entry will auto-create.

Both of these options will auto-populate the IDM attributes according to the Link settings.

New document in IDM


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