Enterprise Search Shortcuts

Apr 29 2015

Any site running with Enterprise Search installed will have likely discovered the power of the embedded search facility in M3 functions. Here is a good tip to speed things up when you run the same search frequently.

M3 Embedded Search

The embedded search is activated for specific M3 function sorting orders through function CMS021 (M3 Standard Search). After activation, the search field will be displayed for that sorting order, allowing searches across all of the displayed fields.

MMS001 with Embedded Search


Search Query Shortcuts

A good tip for anyone who runs the same searches often is to create a search shortcut from the search results dropdown menu. First, take the option to Save Search Query.

Save Search Query from Embedded Search


Then save the Search Query as a shortcut for the M3 function.

Save Search Query as Shortcut


The Search Queries are now easily accessible from the Toolbox Area in the M3 function.

Search Query Shortcuts in MMS001


For more information on Enterprise Search functionality, contact your local ComActivity consultant.


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