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For your critical business software, implementations and upgrades are significant investments, but can deliver major business benefits. Done right, the process will be smooth and rapid, you’ll achieve all your business objectives, and you’ll get maximum return on your investment. We have years of experience implementing and upgrading all of our products, and we know what works. We rely on a methodology that incorporates people, process and technology.

Our methodology

Our experience has taught us a few things: It's critical to have a thorough understanding of both the technology and your business, and it's important to engage your key users from the earliest possible time. To do this, we use a prototyping methodology that results in fewer costly surprises, and better outcomes for your business.

Your early involvement is key

For the best results, its critical that we involve you properly in the entire process. This means, working together to define your business goals and we give you access to a working prototype solution as soon as possible, so you can be part of the ongoing design.

Early working solution

This is a very early prototype that gives you the chance to see the solution in action, giving you hands-on involvement as early as possible so you get a better understanding of the solution, and can influence the configuration and design. It means you get value sooner.

Prototyping methodology

We employ an agile prototyping methodology that ensures you get value from the solution as soon as possible. After the early working solution, we progressively prototype solutions, continuously refining the design and configuration, and progressively migrating your real data. This is all based on your ongoing input – giving you confidence in the process, and removing the risk of nasty surprises

Train the Trainer

Our unique “train the trainer” philosophy gets your key users trained up as early as possible. This important knowledge transfer means the solution is designed right, and at the end of the process you have a super-user who is then empowered to train your users from the start. This means you have internal training and support capabilities, and our experience tells us that it increases internal ownership, which is vital for success.


Remove Modifications for Smooth Upgrades

Smooth Seas after M3 Upgrade

Seafood industry leaders, A. Raptis & Sons, completed a major upgrade from MOVEX 12.5 RPG to M3 V13.2, to add significant functionality and remove legacy modifications, clearing the way for smoother future upgrades.

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