Control and visibility

Infor M3 for Distribution is a complete and comprehensive ERP solution that will solve your complex distribution challenges. You’ll be able to view and steer the entire supply chain, have better control of your trading relationships, and be more competitive in selling and sourcing. Your customer service will improve, and overall costs will be reduced through better response time, less overstock and product obsolescence,  and enhanced deployment of the right product to the right location.

Infor M3 for Distribution

A full enterprise solution, specialised for distributors that will help you optimise every aspect of your operation - from sales, inventory and warehouse management to financials, omnichannel engagement and value-add. With clear visibility across the organisation and a streamlined faster pace of business operations.

Order entry

Rapid and order-entry with item recommendations, non-stock and special order options, as well as optimised counter sales.

Inventory management

Enhanced performance through improved ability to monitor inventory turns, demand, optimal levels and subsequent profits.

Value-added services

Deliver more comprehensive service to your customers with a range of value-adding features like kitting, assembly, private labelling and more.

Better Purchasing Decisions

With an intuitive centralised interface that gives you finger-tip access to the information, and alerts you with colour-coded notifications of problems and exceptions. Manage the purchasing of stock and non-stock products with sophisticated order control, inventory management and a range of flexible options.

Complex pricing

Manage all those complicated pricing requirements so common to distributors – matrix pricing, discounts, quantity and packaging breaks, contract pricing and special agreements.

Financial management

Better financial visibility and insight, that will support your business growth – whether its organic, through geographic expansion or via acquisitions. With greater financial control over your operation and be able to manage your margins better and improve your bottom line.

Distribution ERP in the Cloud or On Premises

Where you deploy your ERP is dependent on many considerations. With Infor solutions you get full rich, industry functionality of Infor M3 and complementary technology functionality no matter where or how you choose to deploy your ERP.

With ComActivity you will partner with a team who is not only expert in traditional on-premise installations, but we are also one of the leading cloud solution providers in the region.


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