Aggregated List Views

Feb 22 2016

With M3 V13, there are even more functions with configurable list panels, which allow the user to create customised B panels with user-defined sorting orders and data from other M3 tables. One of the additions to V13 that we particularly like is the aggregated list views that are available now on configurable list panels.

Aggregated list views allow B panel data to be summarised into high-level information, along with aggregation of associated numeric data. This functionality was available in V13.1 and, from V13.2, there is also an option to drill down to the standard detailed data from the aggregated row.

To set up an aggregated list view, the panel must have a configurable sorting order and an Aggregation Control section in CRS022/E.

Aggregated List View 1

Ensure the sorting order is connected to a View where all applicable numeric fields are defined with with Aggregation Display Rules to summarise the data.

Aggregated List View 2

Columns with Aggregation Display Rules must be numeric.

Aggregated List View 3

Users can now select the new sorting order in MMS002. All rows which were aggregated by the view are now highlighted in the display. An option is available for changing the aggregation level according to the sorting order key. A related option provides access to the detailed data.

Aggregated List View 4

From M3 V13.3, we also have the option of creating shortcuts to the Drill Down option.

Aggregated List View 5

After the user drills down, a detailed data screen is presented with only information related to the selected line. From here, the user can return to the main screen via the Drill Up button.

Aggregated List View 6

We haven’t seen any list of M3 functions with aggregation functionality from Infor yet, but aggregation is not yet available on every M3 function with configurable sorting orders. This is a useful feature, though, and we hope to see it rolled out to many more functions in future.




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