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Our Team

Our people are our difference. Apart from being experienced and talented, our people care. They care about getting the job done in the best possible way and getting the best outcomes for your business. They team up closely with customers and always go the extra mile. Our history of long relationships with customers, and referred business speaks for itself.

Team Leaders

Jason Levick
Managing Director

Christer Sunstrom
Business Consulting – ANZ North

Martin Telford
Business Consulting – ANZ South

Akash Agrawal
Technical Consulting

Lucy Krzewski
Support Team

Senior Implementation Consultants

Darek Stachon

Diane Spiers

Lars Nilsson

Jeremy Laun

Priyad Guptan

Jeremy Spradbery

Joakim Sundqvist

Joseph Konka

Regan Hilarius

Max Wittmann

Fredy Arnet

Senior Technical Team

Kristina Verco

Remco Driessen

Hanh Nguyen

Jiantao Li

Craig Fell

Russel Kropp

Project Management Office (PMO)

Cindy Tan

Martin Telford

Fathima Zahir

Support Team

Anh Tran

Diane Glover

Lisa Peck

Usha Priyardasan

We write about Infor technology, ERP & Cloud news plus host the occasional Webinar.

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